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Circuit Parallele - Umani Autodistruttivi - 12"
Circuit Parallele - Umani Autodistruttivi
Circuit Parallele

12" (vinyl)

Spine Records spine 01
File under
breakcore / experimental / IDM / glitch.

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Circuit Parralele is a new project of Yann Hekate, well known for his various experiments with breakcore, hardcore and noise. For the first release under this name (and first on Spine Records as well), he delivers here a very gritty, raw but carefully crafted 6 tracker of broken beats and clicks, twisted melodies and weird atmospheres, which might sound a bit like a very contained mixture of Somatic Reponses and Passarani. Not for people looking for ultra-catchy material, but definitely something very interesting for those of you who dare to listen.
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