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C-Netik - Catatonic State EP - digital
C-Netik - Catatonic State EP

digital (digital download)

Yellow Stripe Recordings YSR003DEP
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drum'n'bass & jungle / hardcore.

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Hard and relentless six-track EP by Portugal C-Netik, as usual on the Yellow Stripe label. Made from beginning to end of pounding, hardcore-rich crossbreed, "Catatonic State" also features collaboration with Gancher & Ruin, Fragz and Syrinx, bringing a bit of diversity to the otherwise loud, dynamic and compact style that C-Netik brings to his own material. The breaks are seldom, the sound is slightly distorted, the atmosphere is unsurprisingly dark, and the result, though maybe not anymore the most original thing under the sun, is quite efficient and easy to spin.
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