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Comaduster - Hollow Worlds - CD
Comaduster - Hollow Worlds

CD (CD) (also available on digital)
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Tympanik Audio TA076
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industrial / electronica.

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I am not really sure of my opinion about Comaduster's new album (just as I wasn't with his previous single). On the one hand, this young musician has all the right sound libraries and knows how to use them: his beats are heavy, his drops are clear, and while "Hollow Worlds" gives the impression that he likes Machine Code and Hecq a lot, he manages to mix his influences with a heavy dose of American-style EDM. On the other hand, I really have trouble with the singing. The emotional, NIN "With Teeth"-era voice present on must tunes doesn't work well with me, though I believe I understand what Comaduster is trying to achieve. In the end, it will probably be the industrial fans, used to similar combinations of voices (see Skinny Puppy or FLA) that will appreciate this album the most.

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