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Comaduster - Winter Eyes - digital
Comaduster - Winter Eyes

digital (digital download)
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Tympanik Audio TD016
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industrial / electronica.

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This digital EP by Canada's Comaduster is a weird thing, and it doesn't help that this is the first time I listen to anything from this artist. The title track is a muscular, VST-heavy piece of clear electronica served with rock-leaning vocals (resulting, as one might guess in a sort of updated Front Line Assembly-meets-EDM sound). The following four remixes focus mostly on the detailled, almost glitchy production of the original (rather than on the vocals), but it is Access to Arasaka's closing version which finally makes this tune leave the dancefloor for the home-stereo. All in all, quite well done, but I had difficulties relating to this material.
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