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Contagious Orgasm - Corporal - CD
Contagious Orgasm - Corporal
Contagious Orgasm


Industrial Recollections
File under
noise / electronica / experimental.

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This time around, it's not an old album which gets re-released by Industrial Recollections, but several tracks (five long ones, to be more precise) that Contagious Orgasm had had on compilations over the years. The focus is clearly more on distortion than usual, but the tracks are also more compact, going to the point faster than on this artist's full length album. It all sounds clearly dirtier and grittier than Contagious Orgasm's recent works, and is more a document in the truest sense, showcasing an older, less known side of this musician.
This product is not in stock at the moment.
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and the girl said "can you play some pretty drum'n'bass?"