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Contract Killers / PFM - The Life Moments (remix) / If You Were Mine - digital
Contract Killers / PFM - The Life Moments (remix) / If You Were Mine
PFM / Contract Killers

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Plush Recordings (Section 8 Records) PLUSH01
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drum'n'bass & jungle.

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As usual with Plush (which is, again, the softie pendant to Section8), we're in very accessible territory here. This EP might not be as sunny and "liquid" as other recent releases on this imprint, but may it be the A side (a Soundwall remix of a track by the relative newcomers Contract Killers) or the B side by the veterans PFM, we deal here with a sort of drum'n'bass which is a lot more mainstream-oriented, clear, samples-supported than most things to be found in this store. Easy on the ear, but at times a bit too much.
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