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Cooh - Rebirth - 2xCDR
Cooh - Rebirth

2xCDR (CD)
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drum'n'bass & jungle / dubstep & grime / hardcore.

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It's surprising and hard to believe, but while Ivan Shopov has released quite a few albums recently, either under his real name or as Balkansky (including one on Ad Noiseam with Loop Stepwalker), this "Rebirth" double pack is his first full-length under his best known moniker, Cooh. It is also probably the most varied and the one with the most guests, as the twenty tracks presented here ranges from his hard-edged, gritty techstep to slamming hardcore and Balkansky-esque dubstep, and feature collaborations the likes of Current Value (for a very surprising ambient piece), Limewax, Gancher & Ruin and Panacea. The definitive Cooh release this far, and something not to pass on for anybody into modern days, hard electronic music.
This product is not in stock at the moment.

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I have written many beautiful songs that i want the world to be able to hear.