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Cooh & W.P.L. & Corrupted Minds - Orcrux / Brutal Truth - 12"
Cooh & W.P.L. & Corrupted Minds - Orcrux / Brutal Truth
Cooh / W.P.L. / Corrupted Minds

12" (vinyl)

Big Riddim BGRDM0020
File under
drum'n'bass & jungle.

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Energy packed and highly efficient piece of ruggedized dark-ish drum'n'bass from a team consisting of Cooh, W.P.L. (last heard here collaborating with Hallucinator) and Big Riddim's Corrupted Minds. The tracks' structure might be on the classic side, but the sound is powerful enough for the material to be exciting and for club goers to go crazy with it. A solid piece of wax which works just as advertised.

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