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Counterstrike / Zardonic - When Worlds Collide / Mindfuck - digital
Counterstrike / Zardonic - When Worlds Collide / Mindfuck
Zardonic / Counterstrike

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Prspct PRSPCT014
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drum'n'bass & jungle.

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Thought PRSPCT's releases have always been of the highly energetic, dark kind, I was surprised to hear that many guitars on this new two tracker. The A side, co-written by South Africa's Counterstrike and Venezuela's Zardonic, has a clear thrash metal riff kicking off after the first drop, and is something that one might play alongside some Bong-Ra or Drumcorps, though in a more d'n'b manner. The B side, a Counterstrike solo, is more Current Value-oriented rapid-fire dark d'n'b number, but also features enough strings to make part of the audience thrash around. Very nice one.
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