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Create Her - Her Ritual Is Travel EP - digital
Create Her - Her Ritual Is Travel EP
Create Her

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Terra Null Recordings TERNUL002
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industrial / electronica / techno.

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it is difficult to summarize the material presented by Create Her (who happens to be one half of Defce, his partner in this act signing the artwork to this eP) on his debut album. The opening "108" is a dark but beat-driven combination of techno beats, numerous breaks and dark atmospheres. The following title track moves strongly towards more industrial territories, showing once again that distorted beats and oppressive undertones are not limited to the rhythmic-noise scene anymore. The closing remix by Es.Tereo isn't any friendlier, with its sweeping techno build-up and spherical percussions. A solid EP which fits the zeitgeist very well and made me interested in listening to more music from this young act.
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