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Crim / Whatever / Dreamer - Serial Killa / Game Over remix / Captain Hook - digital
Crim / Whatever / Dreamer - Serial Killa / Game Over remix / Captain Hook
Crim / Whatever / Dreamer

digital (digital download)

Section 8 Records (Plush Recordings) section8dub026d
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dubstep & grime.

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Of the three newcomers presented on this new gritty dubstep digital compilation on Section8, Ukraine's Crim is maybe the better known, and get the lion share, opening the EP with his filthy and dark "Serial Killa", before remixing Whatever's tune in the same manner. This is then followed by a surprisingly melodic piece by an act called Dreamer, who keeps all the level in the red but manages to deliver something a bit more humane. All in all, we're in pretty well known territory here, fans of filth will rejoice and spin this with results, as it is all rather well done and efficient.
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