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Cubic Nomad - Light Errant - 12"
Cubic Nomad - Light Errant
Cubic Nomad

12" (vinyl)

Dark Descent (Noisj) DD12005
File under
industrial / techno / hardcore.

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Stomp stomp stomp. This 4-track 12" EP is the late vinyl pendant to Cubic Nomad's debut CDR album, and something which doesn't lose itself in finesse or variety. Straight on pounding hard techno with heavy industrial vibe and sounds from start to finish, aimed at dark dancefloors but constantly caring about not being as hard, fast or crazy as hardcore. Somewhere between hard techno and rhythmic-noise, such a record can potentially please both scenes, and makes up with its broad appeal for its musically relatively limited scope.
This product is not in stock at the moment.

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