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Current Value - So Loud EP - digital
Current Value - So Loud EP
Current Value

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Subtrakt SUBT5.5
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dubstep & grime.

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With a new full length album rumored to be coming out rather soon, Current Value's new four tracker for Subtrakt is one of his rare departure from high-energy, high-speed drum'n'bass. "So Loud" remind a little bit of his work for the first Machine Code album in the sense that it takes the much slower tempo and heavier, sweeping basses of dubstep, then twist it all in a very personal way. Past the opening, very melodic and surprisingly pop-leaning tune, this EP is a monster of low frequencies mixed with the usual crystal-clear production from Current Value. More weight than movement this time around, which results in a truely experimental EP from this artist, but done with brio.
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