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Cyanide / Iso Brown - s/t - 12"
Cyanide / Iso Brown - s/t
Cyanide / Iso Brown

12" (vinyl)

Bruits De Fond (Résistance Des Matériaux) BdF 10
File under
industrial / breakcore / glitch.

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Nice new 12" on the small french label Bruits De Fond. On the menu today is one side by Cyanide, the new breakcore / cut up project by DJ Joker (who used to have quite a reputation as a hardcore DJ in France in the 90s), spitting highly distorted but still clean cut breaks and beats, and, on the other side, Iso Brown, a pretty solid newcomer who slows things down a bit but keep the beats pretty dirty and abrasive. A nice record for both DJ and people looking for aggressive but not over-the-top breakcore.
This product is not in stock at the moment.

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