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Cycheouts Ghost - Live at GHz - CDR
Cycheouts Ghost - Live at GHz
Cycheouts Ghost


Murder Channel GHz-001
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mash-up / noise / downtempo / experimental.

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And another piece of Japanese weirdness from the Murder Channel / Ghz camp. I hadn't heard anything from the Cycheout Ghost duo since their quite remarkable debut on Suburban Trash half a decade ago, but it seems that they have been far from inactive and come here with an hour long live set recorded at the Ghz headquarters. Starting in a decidedly psychedelic noise manner which will appeal to fans of gritty Contagious Orgasm, they then swerve to d'n'b patterns and breakcore mash-ups, using part of the aforementioned first album. Nice, varied, crazy stuff as you would expect from both this act and label.
This product is not in stock at the moment.
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