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D1 - Flood Of Emotions / Bleeps To Broadway - 12"
D1 - Flood Of Emotions / Bleeps To Broadway

12" (vinyl)

Dub Police (Dub Thiefs) DP048
File under
dubstep & grime.

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Ah, Dub Police... Though this label has released some strong "heavy" dubstep by the likes of The Others, Sub Scape or Trolley Snatcha, there are times where I don't quite understand where it is all going. D1's most recent record is a perfect example of this, with a very poppy, female-served breakbeat track on the A side, and a semi-electro, semi-house one on the flip. It's all nice and uplifting, yes, but also not particularly interesting, in my opinion. I guess I'm not D1's target audience here.
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