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Dag Rosenqvist - Fall Into Fire - 12"
Dag Rosenqvist - Fall Into Fire
Dag Rosenqvist

12" (vinyl)

n5md MD228
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ambient / (post) rock.

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Dag Rosenqvist might be better known around here as the musician behind Jasper TX. The latest album under his real name takes the calm / loud thing to extremes, with much the LP consisting of very slow build-ups of very gritty, lo-fi guitars, piano and drones, slowly progressing towards emotional and booming (I'd say "epic" if this word wasn't sounding as cliché as it does) climaxes. It all sounds very touching but also very old-school, reminding me for example of Godspeed's short-lived Set Fire To Flames side-project, or even of Ad Noiseam's own Magwheels's albums. Still, "Fall Into Fire" sounds like a sincere and touching effort in introvert acoustic noise, and is another nice release from a talented musician.
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July 11th, 2007, 22:25