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Dalhous - Will To Be Well - 2x12"
Dalhous - Will To Be Well

2x12" (vinyl)
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Blackest Ever Black BLACKESTLP007
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electronica / downtempo.

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With their second album in as many years, Dalhous present something of a repeat experience. "Will To Be Well" is a somewhat somber album but, just as "An Ambassador For Laing" was, it stays a resolutely optimistic and accessible affair. Downtempo beats float on top of slightly gritty, washed up soundscapes which never turn really bleak, really harsh or really dark. This description sounds a lot more negative than it should be, though. This album might be something on the lighter side of Blackest Ever Black's catalog, but it is also a very pleasant and well executed one, and has the potential to appeal to both die-hard fans of this label's noisiest offerings and to people looking for meditative, melodic and slightly obscure material.
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