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Darkstar - News From Nowhere - CD
Darkstar - News From Nowhere

CD (CD) (also available on 2x12")
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Warp WARPCD225
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electronica / pop.

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While Darkstar's previous "North" album was already quite a pop affair, drawing at times dangerously close to Apparat's late-era poptronica, one can probably safely assume that this even poppier "News From Nowhere" was stretching the bass a bit thin for Hyperdub, hence the move to Warp. On the one hand, Darkstar follows all the current trend in bass music: the staccato beats (thoguh very much relegated in the background), the bass undetones, it's all there. On the other hand, such an album tries very ambitiously to tap onto early 2000's pop appeal (think a lot of Morr music stuff), and results in a very lush but also very mellow and undefined whole, which fails to really grabs me. I might not be the target-audience, but I doubt that this album will leave a lasting feeling on its listeners.
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