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DBN - Disorder Your Mind By Refreshment - 12"
DBN - Disorder Your Mind By Refreshment

12" (vinyl)

DBN Vision DVSN.001
File under
breakcore / hardcore.

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Plenty of beats and just as much fun for this first 12" by DBN on a new sublabel of Zero71, seemingly dedicated to this artist's output only. Less noisy and hardcore than most other Zero71 material, this record mixes a lot of breakcore, electro melodies and quite a dose of mash-up, the whole thing mixed really fast and really hard (but a bit with less gabber-like beats than what could be expected). In the end, the whole thing is not for the faint of heart, but doesn't overdo the distortion thing. A lot harder than anything your neighboors listen to, but quite an accessible treat for people used to breakcore parties.
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