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Ddamage - The Truth - CD
Ddamage - The Truth


Murder Channel MURCD-009
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hip-hop / electronica / electro.

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Big thanks to Murder Channel for releasing a physical version of Ddamage's "The Truth", which had been so far available only as a digital EP on Tigerbeat6. This release gets extended in the process, as this version contains 7 more tracks, another thing to applaude. Though it contains a few original tunes by these two Parisian brothers, "The Truth" is first and foremost a remix release in which acts such as Komori, Shitkatapult's Magnum38, Hyperdub's Quarta330 or Kid606 himself present new version of the quite hostile, bass-heavy and syncopated goodness which is the title track. People into this now much too rare acts, don't pass on this.
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