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Deathmachine - Extermination / Point Of Origin - digital
Deathmachine - Extermination / Point Of Origin

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Genosha One Seven Five (Genosha Recordings) GEN175-009
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drum'n'bass & jungle / hardcore.

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An act called "Deathmachine", a record starting with a track called "Extermination", and the whole thing released on The Outside Agency's Genosha 175 label. We're not in "My Little Poney" territory here. "Extermination" is a surprisingly straight hardcore tune, which taps from the whole TOA-crossbreed thing more for its sound than its structures. On the other hand, "Point Of Origin" is more of a "true crossbreed" tune (if this subgenre is old enough to write such a thing), with its hardcore beats and d'n'b breaks. Genosha, crossbreed... It's all good and recommended, as usual.
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If you do, I am willing to pay for licensing, but not to much. Besides, I don't think many people will watch the video anyway.