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Deformer vs. Zombieflesheater - Syko / In Hirn We Trust - 7"
Deformer vs. Zombieflesheater - Syko / In Hirn We Trust
Zombieflesheater / Deformer

7" (vinyl)

Hirntrust Grind Media hirntrust20
File under
breakcore / drum'n'bass & jungle.

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Hirntrust's new delivery breaks away from the metal orientation of this label's recent 7" to focus back on the electronic side of in-your-face, violent music. On the A side, Deformer delivers a dry and percussive though quite jungly drum'n'bass tune, straight and fast. Zombieflesheater's B-side is much noisier and a little bit slower, but much more broken, scraping and overdriven. D'n'b on the one side, noisy breakcore on the other, and as usual the over-the-top attitude of Hirntrust. No prisoners were ever taken there.

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