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Defrag - Drown - 12"
Defrag - Drown

12" (vinyl)

Hymen (Ant Zen) ¥059
File under
electronica / IDM.

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It will have taken 5 years to Defrag to bring us a follow-up to "Lament Element". While the wait was worth it, it is also interesting to hear how this act moved another step further away from his original breakcore. His previous album had a few dubstep elements here and there, and this new "Drown", while still featuring a lot of IDM breaks and trickery, is definitely more of a head-nod inducing matter than a dancefloor packer. The sound design is strong, the tracks varied and the overall thing original, which makes of "Drown" an album which is difficult to pigeon-hole, but which benefits from a remarkable intensity and open-mindedness.
This product is not in stock at the moment.
The vinyl version of this album contains 9 out of the 12 tracks on the CD.
mp3 excerpts:

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