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Demegy vs Somtek - Breakshake Remix Compilation - CDR
Demegy vs Somtek - Breakshake Remix Compilation
Various artists (compilations) / Demegy / Somtek


Korsett KRST01
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breakcore / electronica / IDM.

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For their first release, the dynamic swiss duo Somtek and Demegy decided to see things big: this CDR is also the first disc to come out out on their new label, Korsett, and it gathers quite a few nice musicians which these guys worked with as part of their live events in their home town of Lucern. The concept is simple: the first track is the original "Breakshare" track, co-written by the two, and the rest of the disc is made of remixes. And still, things are surprisingly varied, from the post-Warp-esque original version to dubstep, breakcore and even drones, and the participation of such artists as Karsten Pflum, AZ-Rotator, Karsten Pflum or Jason Forrest is a guarantee of high quality. Clearly something to check by all fans of complex but friendly IDM or highly melodic breakcore.
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