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Dev/null - Shards Of Rhythm / Rage Template / Tear Shit Up - 12"
Dev/null - Shards Of Rhythm / Rage Template / Tear Shit Up

12" (vinyl)

Dross Tik DTK11
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He doesn't release much, but it's always tasty. Dev/Null, aka one of the last of the Mohicans of old school breakcore, comes up here with a shattered, percussive and still relatively clear three track EP. Fast, broken (of course), with quite a lot of d'n'b elements and a few rave snippets here and there, Dev/Null makes you all twitch like it's 2004, but comes up with a really strong production. A well cut, well recorded record with a definite dancefloor appeal: breakcore people rejoice!

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this event is way too packed, as there are too many dj's in town