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Dino Felipe - No Fun Demo - CD
Dino Felipe - No Fun Demo
Dino Felipe


No Fun Productions NFP 31
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(post) rock / pop.

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No Fun Productions used to stand (in my opinion) for harsher than harsh material, with releases by Merzbow, Prurient or Wolf Eyes, and somewhat surprise with this new album by Dino Felipe, who himselfs moves very far from his usual super cut-up, tongue-in-cheek IDM. Gone are the racks of computers, as this "demo" album is something to link a lot more with Thurston Moore's releases on No Fun or some Sonic Youth backcatalog: we're talking low-fi, gritty and distant rock here, with some slight pop feeling but an undisputed fun and urban feeling. Quite the U-Turn for Dino Felipe, let's see where he will go from there.
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