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Dirk Geiger - Elf Morgen - digital
Dirk Geiger - Elf Morgen
Dirk Geiger

digital (digital download) (also available on CD)

Tympanik Audio TA069
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Don't be fooled by the Spinal Tap homage of the cover artwork, Dirk Geiger's new album is not cock-rock (nor particularly fun, for that matter). This German musician offers here another collection of his very nice, downtempo-ish electronica, which feature rather uplifting melodies and soundscapes, while tapping from the industrial sound for its rigid beats and dark atmospheres. Maybe a bit beatier than its predecessor, "Elf Morgen", though very melancholic, might be a bit more of a bold album, as demonstrated by the nice foray into post-rock territories, co-written with Erode. Very pleasant.
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