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Diskore - Up There / Virulence - 12"
Diskore - Up There / Virulence

12" (vinyl)

Void void005
File under
breakcore / rhythmic noise.

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While most of the breakcore scene has been quickly shifting to lighter and clubbier mash-up or dubstep-influenced tunes in the recent times, it's interesting to see that some acts still carry on the distorted, dark and gritty sound that was the genre's core a few years ago. The american act Diskore (known for his implication in Los Angeles's Darkmatter Soundsystem) is one of them, and this first solo record of his, sounding somewhere between early Cdatakill, Somatic Responses, Undacova and the whole rhythmic noise genre, is a welcome and well done occasion to go back to this raw, stacatto sound that bridge scenes and used to be what people understood by "breakcore".
This product is not in stock at the moment.

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