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Displacer & Nimon - House Of The Dying Sun - CD
Displacer & Nimon - House Of The Dying Sun
Displacer / Nimon

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Hymen (Ant Zen) Y821
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ambient / electronica / downtempo.

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It's quite interesting that this collaboration between Displacer and Keef Baker (under his latest Nimon moniker) ends up sounding almost exactly like the sum of each's previous full length. "House of The Dying Sun" for example includes a lot of these flowing, downtempo and at times almost loungy electronica beats that Displacer is known for (and clearly in the less glitchy way introduced with "Foundation") and a lot of the atmospheric guitar-works that formed the core of Nimon's debut album. Each genre seems to dominate the other in some tracks, and while the two of them might be nicely combined in some other tunes, the end result sticks closely to what we could have expected. This is far from a critic, though, as Displacer and Keef Baker's material have constantly receive praises from us, this album being no expection. "House Of The Dying Sun" is a charming, deep and slightly "prog" album which confirms that both musicians have a clear talent for ambient-ish, emotional material.
This product is not in stock at the moment.

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