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Displacer - X Was Never Like This - CD
Displacer - X Was Never Like This

CD (CD) (also available on digital)

Tympanik Audio TA032
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electronica / IDM / 8 bit.

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Displacer was never like this. After he admitted cheating on me with Boards of Canada, he started playing with his mid-sized beats and sweet, smooth pads. Things then got pretty hot thanks to a couple of voice jobs. Little did I know that he would invite his buddies (Daniel Myer, Keef Baker and others) to manhandle the gracious IDM and spurt hot EBM beats all over the otherwise less old-school rhythms. While Lucidstatic's fetish for Jacob's Ladder samples was a turn off, Famine was again the stallion of the group, drilling deep with his d'n'b beats. What a strange adventure it was with Displacer. From gentle to wild, I hadn't expected my ears to be taken that way.
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