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DJ 100mado / Pacheko - DJ 100mado Vs Pacheko - CD
DJ 100mado / Pacheko - DJ 100mado Vs Pacheko
Pacheko / DJ 100mado


Murder Channel MURCD-006
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downtempo / dubstep & grime.

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Released a bit after their first collaboration on Lodubs, this new encounter between Japan DJ 100mado and Venezuela's Pacheko gathers all the tracks from the aforementioned 12", adds a few new tunes and packs remixes by Scorn and Ena on top of it all. Downtempo-ish dubstep, proto funk drenched in early Hyperdub basses, party atmosphere with a somber twist, there's a lot to like here, and this one-shot transcontinental collaboration marked a turning point between the end of ultra classic dubstep and the coming of funkier, more aerial 140 bpm material. Not as insane as the cover might lead to believe, but interesting, original and, most of all, heavy.
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