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DJ Balli / Ralph Brown - Tweet It! (Extratone Mix) - picture 12"
DJ Balli / Ralph Brown - Tweet It! (Extratone Mix)
DJ Balli / Ralph Brown

picture 12" (vinyl)

Sonic Belligeranza S. B. 10
File under
noise / avant garde / experimental.

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Another totally insane, tongue-in-cheek conceptual picture disc by Italy's breakcore madman. This time around, DJ Balli and his Ralph Brown partner in crime take on Twitter, and, as far as I understand, translates tweets into sound. This avalanche of 140 letters is very noisy, with a few mashed-up samples and robotic voices thrown in the mix, and you'll be hard-pressed to really see the link between the social network and these gritty, high-pitched frequencies. Still, this fun, ear-cleansing audio assault deserves the re-tweet. And my description of it is over 140 characters. Damn.
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