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DJ Hidden & Eye-D - Peer To Peer Pressure - digital
DJ Hidden & Eye-D - Peer To Peer Pressure
DJ Hidden

digital (digital download)

Prspct PRSPCTCD002
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drum'n'bass & jungle / dubstep & grime / hardcore.

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Finally there, the full length album by The Outside Agency's partner in crimes DJ Hidden and Eye-D, this time under their drum'n'bass moniker. "Peer To Peer Pressure" (which by the way is in my opinion one of the best names ever) could be seen as DJ Hidden's third album and Eye-D's first, and works very well this way. There's a lot of the beautiful melodies of the first and the humor of the second in these 11 tracks, which range from hard d'n'b to a surprising but excellent dubstep number, with a few arrays of hardcore thrown in the lot for good measure. Brillantly produced, well thought and very eagerly expected, here's clearly one of the albums which will mark 2011.
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