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DJ Hidden / I:Gor - The Memento Mori EP - digital
DJ Hidden / I:Gor - The Memento Mori EP
DJ Hidden / I:Gor

digital (digital download)

Sustained Records SSTD003
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breakcore / drum'n'bass & jungle.

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The third release on UK's Sustained Record is another heavyweight: DJ Hidden and I:Gor share the state for two tracks each. DJ Hidden opens the ball with the excellent "Earth Cry" track, which is guaranteed to fill up every dancefloor in any condition and at any time (this track is worth purchasing the record alone), and keeps the bar very high with "Ten Direction Ambush"). I:Gor, then, is having a rather d'nb day as well, even though he can't help but including some breakcore and hardcore elements into his two very percussive tracks. Another very recommended record from a label having so far a flawless catalog.
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in the meantime I wish you all the beast.