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DJ Technorch - Murder Channel Mix CD vol. 1 - 2xCD
DJ Technorch - Murder Channel Mix CD vol. 1
DJ Technorch

2xCD (CD)

Murder Channel MURCD-018
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breakcore / mash-up / drum'n'bass & jungle / raggacore.

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Quite the Technorch value pack that this double CD. The first one is a long mix made entirely of material released on Murder Channel, starting relatively dubsteppish but morphing quickly into a breakcore, raggacore and finally hardcore dancefloor-packer. The mix is very competent and a lot more varied than what I expected from Technorch's past crazy rave-only anthems. The second CD, featuring no fewer than 11 tracks, gather compilation between members of the Murder Channel family, and works as an accurate (and this time, not mixed together) introduction to the diverse but always high-octane sound of the label. Not for the faint of heart, as usual, but quite well done and confirming a strong progress in the production levels of everybody involved on Japan's best known breakcore imprint.
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