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DJ Technorch - The Metamorphosis 1st Form - CD
DJ Technorch - The Metamorphosis 1st Form
DJ Technorch

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Murder Channel murcd-024
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breakcore / drum'n'bass & jungle / rave / hardcore.

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A colloding of worlds if I have ever heard one. This dark, manga-style illustrated new CD by Technorch is half new solo material, half remixesp, including by some people you wouldn't expect to find sharing the deck with this Japanese king of the absurd. First surprise, the three new Technorch tracks are a bit less all-out trancecore than before. Still rich in overpitched samples and rave melodies, there's a bit more cohesion (and bass) in this material. On the remix front, FFF is originally the closest to Technorch but comes up here with a old school jungle tune. Sinister Souls do their thing, with a very loud and slightly gritting headbang number. And finally, more goodies come from the two Ad Noiseam acts here, Gore Tech turning "Mind Of Mind" (originally written with Urunamenura") in a dark, aggressive but high tech breakcore tune, while Oyaarss, of all people, gives birth to an anthemic piece of industrial hardcore which combines his usual rawness with pounding (Dutch-school) gabber beats. Quite impressive, and featuring several pearls.
This product is not in stock at the moment.
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