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DJ Technorch - The Metamorphosis 2nd Form - CD
DJ Technorch - The Metamorphosis 2nd Form
DJ Technorch

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Murder Channel murcd-027
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breakcore / hardcore.

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The second volume of DJ Technorch's remix and collaboration CDs is just as crazy as the first one, of course. It opens with two tracks co-written with Aural Vampire and Roughsketch, keeping true to the loud, pounding and not exactly subtle "trancecore" genre that Technorch has been spearheading (understand a mixture of hard gabber, hardcore beats and trance melodies), before leaving first Gancher & Ruin, then Unuramenura and Raxyor turn Technorch's tracks into less all-over-the-place but still extremely loud and highly ravey drum'n'bass and breakcore tunes. The non-initiated will sigh in disbelief, the others will rejoice and bounce around.
This product is not in stock at the moment.
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