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DJ Technorch
DJ Technorch - The Metamorphosis Final FormDJ Technorch - The Metamorphosis Final Form - CD
Murder Channel MURCD-032 - 11.34 € (outside of the e.u.) / 13.50 € (e.u., incl. v.a.t)
Third (and apparently) last volume of DJ Technoch's part-remix, part-collaboration "Metamorphosis" series. This time aroun... (add to cart)
DJ Technorch - Murder Channel Mix CD vol. 1DJ Technorch - Murder Channel Mix CD vol. 1 - 2xCD
Murder Channel MURCD-018 - 10.92 € (outside of the e.u.) / 13.00 € (e.u., incl. v.a.t)
Quite the Technorch value pack that this double CD. The first one is a long mix made entirely of material released on Murd... (add to cart)
a project devoted to music production for babies, that encourage and develop the capabilities of babies, developed by music-therapists and composers specialized in children's music.