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DMX Krew - Reith Tracks - 12"
DMX Krew - Reith Tracks
DMX Krew

12" (vinyl)

Rush Hour RHD-011DMX
File under
electro / IDM.

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DMX Krew's new mini-album is more an exercise in limitation that anything else. According to its sleeve's inlay, it was recorded in various part of an Austrian farm with two very rudimentary pieces of hardware. Away from more exhaustive production techniques, DMX Krew still comes up with excellent tracks, differing from most of the rest of his catalog in their slightly more stripped sound and, at times, a calmer and more relaxed atmosphere. Another strong record from a musician which deserves what is something of an underground cult status.
This product is not in stock at the moment.

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It's so nice to listen 2 your sond ans music!