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Dodge & Fuski - Aerophobia / Fuck Em All - digital
Dodge & Fuski - Aerophobia / Fuck Em All
Dodge / Fuski

digital (digital download)

Section 8 Records (Plush Recordings) section8005
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dubstep & grime.

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Very nice dubstep / drumstep digital two tracker by the relative newcomers Dodge & Fuski for Section 8. Quite melodic at first, both tracks quickly turn into gritty and scraping heavy dubstep tunes which will remind people here of a lighter version of what Balkansky & Loop Stepwalker are doing. It can get quite wobbly at times, but the drops and accelerations are quite good, and this is something which I think I will end up spinning here and there. One of the strongest Section 8 releases I know so far.
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