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Dokkebi Q - Hardcore Cherry Bon Bon - CD
Dokkebi Q - Hardcore Cherry Bon Bon
King Midas Sound


Murder Channel / 3QREQ MURCD-011 / 3QCD003
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downtempo / experimental / dancehall / dubstep & grime.

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It's quite hard to believe at first that the singer on this absurdly illustrated, "hardcore" bearing album on Murder Channel is Kiki Hitomi, much better known for being part of King Midas Sound together with Kevin Martins (The Bug, Techno Animal). And yet, the more you listen to this "cherry bon bon", the more you get used to the idea that no, this is not tongue-in-cheek fast breakcore, but a weird (as in Murder Channel-weird) combination of downtempo beats, dub melodies, semi pop, semi crazy singing, the whole thing quite colorful but surprisingly coherent and catchy. This is quite the unidentified audio object that this Japanese duo came up with, something we're somewhat getting used to from this label.
This product is not in stock at the moment.
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