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Domain ID - Boombox Apocalypse - digital
Domain ID - Boombox Apocalypse
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Muti Music Muti051
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electronica / electro / dubstep & grime.

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Watch out, very recommended EP over here: Domain ID might be a total newcomer, these four tracks might be limited to a digittal-only release, but they really shouldn't be overlooked. Mixing funky, slightly bassline-ish electro with a sort of dubstep tempo, crunchy melodies and a little bit of old school, lo-fi beats, this "Boombox Apocalypse" is a charming, very insidious dancefloor-packer, which might not be easy to categorizes but just screams to be played loud (hint: somewhere between Si Begg and Aardvarck, if you ask me). Very recommended.
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with crunchy beats inside