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Donna Summer - Panther Tracks vol. 1 - 12"
Donna Summer - Panther Tracks vol. 1
Donna Summer

12" (vinyl)

Cock Rock Disco vrock010
File under
mash-up / rave / hardcore.

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Jumpstyle! Jason Forrest gets back into his Donna Summer attire for "Panther Tracks", who happens to be both his first release on his own label (Cock Rock Disco) and by far his most pounding and straightest work to date. Tongue in cheek, catchy, melodic, but merciless in his hard beats and basically void of any rock influence this time, this first volume of "Panther Tracks" should have everybody (and I mean it) shake their body (and jump) on the dancefloor. Feels good, works very well.
mp3 excerpts:

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