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Dr Mathlovsky - Buyan Gol EP - digital
Dr Mathlovsky - Buyan Gol EP
Dr Mathlovsky

digital (digital download)
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Sustained Records SSTDMP3020
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breakcore / hardcore.

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Dr Mathlovsky's third EP for Sustained Records is once again an exercise in uncommon and original hard (core) material. Combining industrial-weight beats, hardcore rhythms and tempos, some much lighter intro and highly surprising elements such a trap beats, "Buyan Gol" is miles away from most of what is created for the hardest of dancefloors at the moment. By doing so, Dr Mathlovsky might not be making his life any easier, but he also delivers which is a lot more personal and satisfying to the listener. Different and interesting are two adjectives that fit well here, while they are rarely used for this kind of sound.
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I have written many beautiful songs that i want the world to be able to hear.