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Droid Sector & 3rdeye - Catharsis / Sarcophagus - digital
Droid Sector & 3rdeye - Catharsis / Sarcophagus
Droid Sector / 3rdeye

digital (digital download)

Subway (Tube 10 Recordings, Scum) SUBWAY120010
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dubstep & grime.

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Excellent surprise that this Droid Sector digital two-tracker. Subway always had a knick to release quality material, may it be old-school or newer-than-new. This one goes more from the "classic" dubstep drawer, but while both track (one co-written with 3rdeye) might move rather slowly and have this deep, dub bass pulse of early dubstep, the very crisp sounds, the well found pads and the overall feeling of this EP work extremely well to bridge (let's say) DMZ & alii roots with a much more futuristic atmosphere. Very, very nice.
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It is an interesting release because the songs are generative.