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Drop The Lime - Set Me Free - 12"
Drop The Lime - Set Me Free
Drop The Lime

12" (vinyl)

Trouble & Bass TBD018
File under
electro / techno.

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Well, no. While Drop The Lime had still put out some relatively nice material ever since he burned all bridges with his (considerably more interesting) breakcore past, this time he really comes up with a record that probably nobody needs. Pretty generic tech-house, completely bass-free (new memo: "bass" is not just a word, it's also a sound), featuring the kind of diva vocals you haven't heard since you decided not to listen to Panacea anymore. Bland, not particularely well done for the genre, I'd be hard pressed to figure out who could play this. All right, Reso had the good idea to basically discard everything on his remix, and will be thanked for it. Besides this, no much luck for me on this record.
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