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Dusk + Blackdown vs. Grievous Angel - Margins Music: Redux - CD
Dusk + Blackdown vs. Grievous Angel - Margins Music: Redux
Dusk / Blackdown / Grievous Angel


Keysound Recordings LDN014
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downtempo / dubstep & grime / pop.

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A reinterpretation by Grievous Angel of the 2008's excellent "Margin Music" CD by Dusk and Blackdown, this "redux" version presents the album in a slightly more electronic glitchy way, restructured and reinterpretated. The tracks tend to follow relatively closely the dubstepy ethno feeling of the original, but are enriched with a new, updated instrumentation. I was very impressed by the original, and really quite like this sequel as well, for it stays truthful to the urban, yet very oriental influenced tracks by Dusk + Blackdown. Recommended.
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