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DZ - Chalice Dub / Bongo Dub - 12"
DZ - Chalice Dub / Bongo Dub

12" (vinyl)

Lo Dubs LODUBS-1208005
File under
dubstep & grime.

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Very nice two tracker from DZ on the quality label DZ. One side is a quite heavy, wobbly dubstep number with nice, dry and accoustic-sounding drums and something that should go down very easily in clubs. The dancehall-oriented other side is somewhat warmer and straighter, but is well written and executed and has this slight "different" feel that is so typical of Lo Dubs. A good one.
This product is not in stock at the moment.

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All of my music is currently being written by my father who expresses his talents in songs that he writes from the heart.