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Ecstasphere - Feed Your Head - digital
Ecstasphere - Feed Your Head

digital (digital download) (also available on CDR)
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Raumklang Music raum-cd-13
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industrial / electronica / rhythmic noise.

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Interesting debut album by this young German project, which acts somewhat as an accurate snapshot of the current new wave of rhythmic noise activity in this country. The sound is raw, noisy and often club-oriented, much as it was with Ecstasphere's predecessors, but there is also a mixture of downtempo-ish rhythms, an added dose of low-frequencies and a smaller amount of distortion, which makes this stand out and seems to be a common thread among younger acts of the scene. "Feed Your Head" is still a bit raw at its edges and clearly feels like a debut, but there are promising seeds of interesting and powerful material here.
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